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I get back to the States and immediately fall back into the pattern of not updating the blog. The truth of the matter is that traveling through Central and South America is a whole lot more noteworthy than unpacking, organizing and repacking my stuff in Kingston, NY.

That being said, I’ve wanted to write a trip summary post. And I imagine that some time I will, but now is not that time and this is not that post. For now, I have a brand spankin’ new adventure on my hands. Tomorrow, I head out on a cross-country journey to Tucson, Arizona, where I hope to begin yet another stint as a freelance web developer.

The last time I moved, I made a conscious effort to reduce and simplify my belongings. Over the last few days, I’ve continued trimming down. I got rid of old clothes. I sold off a few big items. But my favorite move was when I ditched the cases and covers to a hundred-some-odd DVDs and Blu-Rays and replaced that mess with a single, organized binder.


A giant mess of packaging


Neat 'n' Tidy

On the journey, my good friend Noel will be joining as navigator, copilot and DJ. We’ll be taking the northern route through the US, which I’ve somehow managed to miss in all my years of going back and forth between NY and AZ. I have a bunch of friends in the north that I’d like to see, but mostly, I chose this route because I’m sick of driving through Texas.

Tomorrow, we tackle the great big New York State Thruway, and end up in the cozy hospitality of my friends’ Josh and Meagan.