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Since wikipedia deems me unworthy of its hallowed archive, I feel like there needs to be a comprehensive, mildly inaccurate, poorly cited biography of me somewhere.  And while seems just a tad “on the nose” for my tastes, it’ll have to do for now.

I was born very young, but got older at a very steady rate. I grew up in the small town of Hurley, NY, in the mid-Hudson River valley. I got all the joys of country life, while still being close enough to the culture, class and sophistication of New York City to not be a brain-dead hick.  After graduating from High School, I went to Binghamton University where I studied Computer Science. One summer, I interned with a small software company in Arizona where I got my first taste of web development. I continued programming for the web in various capacities throughout my college years and the thin employment years that followed. I bounced around for a few years through upstate New York.

About 5 years ago, I made another bounce, a giant one, across country and ended up living and working for a slightly larger software company in Tucson, Arizona. Some time later, I bounced back. I landed in Brooklyn, NY, ancestral home of my people: obnoxiously loud Mets fans. I worked in Manhattan for a even still larger (still quite small) software company. My nomadic instincts kicked about half a year ago, and I set off on an epic journey through the other Americas. For six months I trekked from Mexico down to the southern tip of Argentina, where I didn’t work at all. When I returned stateside, I found myself, once again, in Arizona, but shall find no small software development but my own.

For now, I’ll be working for myself.  I want to take on contract positions in various aspects of web development, but I’d like these to function as support for developing my own ideas. Ideas such as new activities and hobbies to pursue, new travel destinations to explore, and new ways to express my creativity.

So that’s where I am, and what I do. If you need more, read on.