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As soon as we arrived in the town of Iguazu, we ran into our friends Menno and Claudia and booked ourselves into the Marco Polo hostel.  Even though it was still early and we would have had time to see the falls that day, we opted instead to sit by the pool, get some good food, and just chill out for the day.

The next morning we caught a bus to Iguazu Falls National Park.  The falls really are indescribable, and sadly these pictures do it no justice at all.  Really, all I can say is: Go see it for yourself.

After walking around the park and the miles of walkways above the cliffs, we took a quick boat ride to see the falls (and feel the spray) up close.  Soaked and exhausted, we headed home for another night of good food and drink.

The next day, Claudia, Menno and I said our goodbyes to Robby who headed off into Brazil to make his way home.  I’ve travelled with him for the better part of the last 5 months, and we’ve had some ridiculously fun times.  It was sad to see my good friend go.

At least I had my other good friends joining me on the long bus ride back to Buenos Aires.  The other consolation was that we all had fancy, full bed bus seats, complete with meals and free drinks.  The champagne, whiskey and wine made the trip a whole lot more bearable.