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While in Iguazu, I got word from my old friend Alec, who devotees will remember was my travel companion through most of Central America.  It turns out that he was heading into Buenos Aires and would be there for my last week. So, when I arrived back in town from Iguazu, I found him at his hostel and we headed out to wander the town and catch up.

For a few days, I did nothing but walk around town with different combinations of my friends Sara, Menno, Claudia and Alec.  Then at some point the week became dominated by eating as much excellent food as humanly possible.  First, Alec and I got dinner at a parrilla on Calle Florida, a pedestrian mall not far from the hostel.  I had the Bife de Chorizo, which was (up to that point) the best steak I’d had in Argentina.  The next day, a bunch of us met up at an excellent Milanesa restaurant where we overate delicious flattened, breaded chicken covered in ham, cheese and tomato sauce before going to see La Bomba de Tiempo (an incredible improv percussion band) at Konex.  Then, Guille and Mariela once again invited everyone over to their rooftop terrace for a home cooked asado.  As it turns out, Guillermo is a master asador and made up some excellent Chorizo, Molleja, Riñon, Lomo, Asado and Vacito.  Amazing. Then, last night, the whole crew opted to go out to Cafe San Juan where we all had something different, but my dish, the ojo de bife, was definitely the best.

I’ve probably walked a few dozen miles around Buenos Aires, seen a lot of great neighborhoods, perused through countless markets, gotten lost on the way to a few different places, seen some great museums and spent time with some amazing friends.  Buenos Aires is a very cool city, and a perfect place to have finished up this trip.