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I awoke at 7 to get ready for class (yesterday’s class was the only one in the afternoon, the rest of the week we start at 8) and eat breakfast with my host family. We had a nice meal then walked over to the school.

The second day of class included more conjugations and translations. Ana and Nidia seem to have latched onto the fact that Alec and I are traveling together, so in the second part of class, the four of us played Scrabble en español. I lost miserably, but had a good time learning the words as they were played. At noon, we were given our homework and let out.

Back at our house, we ate lunch with the family. I attempted to do some reading, but ended up falling asleep for a few hours. Alec and I hung out for the afternoon, playing guitar and practicing Spanish.

After dinner, we went out to try and meet up with a few people we met back in Lanquin, but we never did. Instead, we ended up running into Matt and Ashley back at El Gato Negro. So we had a few drinks there before turning in for the night.