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This month of retirement has been flying by.

Some recent highlights:

The Original Junior’s Cheesecake in Brooklyn – Red velvet cake, strawberry cheesecake and a chocolate float. With a dessert like that, who needs dinner.

The Original Shake Shack in Madison Square Park – Finally got my hands on the legendary Shack Stack (a shackburger topped with a deep-fried, cheese-stuffed portabello mushroom [it should be noted that this sandwich is slightly less legendary since they downgraded it from two beef patties to just the one]) and was not dissapointed. Though I will say it works better as a novelty; the shackburger is close to perfection. And you know what they say about messing with perfection. They say not to, is what they say.

An early peek at the new Ang Lee movie Taking Woodstock at the Lincoln Plaza Cinema introduced by none other than Ang Lee himself. He spoke for a few minutes and was exceedingly humble, down to earth and funny. Then came the flick itself, which was great. My only complaint was that the AC in the theater broke, but I doubt that was Ang Lee’s fault. But if I find out that it was, he’s a dead man. And we’ll all finally have our revenge for that awful Hulk movie.

Oh and speaking of movies, another highlight of the past week was seeing Inglorious Basterds. Nothing unique about my experience, but that movie kicked serious ass and it’s worth noting.

What other cool crap can I cram into the next ten days?