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It’s t-minus two days until my official departure from Industrial Color, and my future former coworkers are ready to let the goodbye festivities begin.

Today we went to lunch at Wolfgang’s (not Puck) Steakhouse in TriBeCa, just a few blocks from the office. This place is a fairly high end steakhouse by night but offers some pretty reasonably priced lunch options. All of us opted for the hamburger and none of us was disappointed.

The burger was big, juicy, and very tasty. It was served with a good hunk of melted sharp cheddar, on a buttery roll. On the side was a generous serving of freshly made fries and crisp, lightly battered onion rings.

By the end of the meal, most of us agreed that this was the best burger in TriBeCa. Of course, that led to the inevitable listing of all the excellent burgers in TriBeCa:

Nancy Whiskey
Reade Street Pub
The Patriot (ok, these are actually sliders, but they’re still awesome)

Really, any of these places would be a fine choice if you were hankering for a burger, but Wolfgang’s blows ’em all away. The only caveat: the Wolfgang burger is only available for lunch.