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For the first time ever, I made my way down to the Mets’ spring home of Port Saint Lucie. I was looking forward to catching some Major League excitement at Minor League proximity. Of course, with the World Baseball Classic going on, 16 of the Mets’ most recognizable players were elsewhere. So, what was left felt a little bit more like Minor League excitement at Minor League proximity. Not that it stopped me from having a blast.

Tradition Field

It’s always a joy to see the game of baseball played up close. And we sat very close. Just a handful of rows away from first base.  We had a great view of all the late swings, 50-foot breaking balls, and other gems of Spring baseball.

Murphy's Swing 

We also walked around the park and caught glimpses of the scouts,

Radar Gun

as well as Mets’ owner Fred Wilpon

Omar and Fred

sitting right next to Mets’ General Manager Omar Minaya.


We couldn’t have asked for a nicer day, either, getting clear and warm weather all day long.  And somehow, two Myerson men went to a baseball game on a sunny day and didn’t get sunburnt.  Alert Guiness, this must be a record.

I considered turning this post into a rant about how the WBC ruins Spring Training and there are a number of ways to encourage the sport of baseball internationally that don’t interfere with the pre-season, but the day, the game, the trip down to St. Lucie were so good, that I’m going to let it slide.