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For those who have not yet met him, this is Carlos, one of my two feline roommates.  Carlos, meet the internet.

Now that everyone’s all buddy-buddy, I can say that this post isn’t really showing off my cat so much as the new toy I used to take the picture.  Yesterday, I went to B&H Photo and picked up a Nikon D90 camera. This is considered a mid-range camera, so it’s easy enough to use (you can use it exactly like a point-and-shoot, and get some very impressive results) but is also sufficiently powerful and feature-rich enough to impress some of the very accomplished photo geeks at my office.

You can see how much detail is preserved in these images.  After using the iPhone as my only camera for over a year, the D90 is a godsend. NYC is full of incredible imagery ready to be captured and that dinky little camera phone was next-to-useless for most of it.  Now, I can still fail at capturing the true feeling of the city, but at least that won’t be my camera’s fault.

The view from my office terrace.

My subway platform.