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Mom and Dad, Grandma and Grandpa, Son and Daughter, Brother and Sister. Parents, grandparents, children, siblings. Nice terms that wrap up the gender-specific terms into an easy-to-use general term.  

What about my siblings’ children?

As an Uncle, and as a Nephew, I’m appalled, shocked and chagrined that there are no general terms for these relationships. I want a single word for “nieces and nephews.” A few crackpot anthropologists tried to coin the term “nibling,” but failed to realize that you can’t invent a word that silly and expect it to catch on in serious usage. I like, in theory, the term “Sibling, once removed,” but it’s hardly catchy. By the same logic, aunts and uncles would be “Grand-siblings,” which is the only proposed word I actually like so far.

I just want a way to simplify conversations when I talk about all my lovely… unclings? sildren? chiblings?