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Friday’s Beer, Wings and Bluegrass party was a roaring success.  The wings were tasty, the beer was plentiful, and bluegrass was banjotastic.  The crowd was a bit smaller than we might have anticipated, but hungry and happy, nonetheless.  We stayed around, gorging ourselves, and generally having a great time.  When it was time for the band to go and the office to be closed up, it really seemed like everything went perfectly.

Well.  Now, it’s Monday.  The fog of the weekend has lifted and the fine employees here are forced to face reality.

We bought too many wings.

We bought WAY too many wings.

We bought 500 too many wings.

However, always looking on the bright side of life, we made the most of our mistake by reprising the Wing Ding as a lunch party today.  We heated up the leftovers, invited the entire office back to the lounge and re-gorged ourselves.  Almost as good the second time around.

Now, however, it seems it’s back to business as usual.  Until next time, I guess.  Any ideas on what the next party should be?