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…in fact, I don’t even think they’re paying me!

If you have spent any time watching Mets baseball on SNY this year, then you’ve undoubtedly seen this miserable commercial:

I swear they find a way to show this damn thing at least twice an inning. The commercial is bad enough, but then you have the subliminal message that Gary Busey wants to eat human flesh. Don’t believe me? Take a look at this freeze frame:

Look innocent enough? Well, using “technology” I’ll just zoomifinate in on his face. What do we come up with?

Too frightening.

Now it seems that Matt Cerrone (owner and editor of Metsblog, an excellent site for all things Mets) has not only met Mr. Franco, but is going to interview him. It’s only a matter of time before Giuseppe replaces Mr. Met as team mascot.

I blame Heilman for all of this.