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It is a website.


I spend a lot of time online.

Wow. Another version of my website.  This ought to be a hoot!

- Me


Awesome Gold Box Deal

Flight of the Conchords: The Complete First and Second Seasons w/CD If you're anything like me, you find these guys hilarious. Mostly, it's the...

Update to the Update

Yesterday, I talked about a bunch of new stuff in the geek world. Today, another big one was announced: Google Voice is no longer just limited to invite-only. Anyone can now sign up and start using the service. So, what is Google Voice Short answer: It's a virtual...

Update City

Today is the day of blog-worthy updates. Blog-worthy of course fitting somewhere slightly above trivial but well below actual importance. Personal Update I just returned from a 10-day trip out to the Cincinnati area with my buddy Dave. We drove out there to spend time...

Coolest thing in my Google Reader list today I've linked to My Mets Journal before, but this post shed some more light on it's author, Joe Petruccio.  Turns out he designed the Mets' iconic 1980's racing stripe uniforms!  This is some serious Mets...

NERD ALERT – Comic Book Movie News

Update Double Dork Dose.  Looks like we've got more renderings coming from Marvel.  This one is covered by Collider, and features images of Marvel's next big screen hero, Chris Hemsworth as Thor. Click them images to see them bigger.  In my opinion, the Thor...