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Double Dork Dose.  Looks like we’ve got more renderings coming from Marvel.  This one is covered by Collider, and features images of Marvel’s next big screen hero, Chris Hemsworth as Thor.

Snor, God of Slumber

Click them images to see them bigger.  In my opinion, the Thor costume doesn’t quite work as well as Cap’s.  In the comics, Thor had a pretty iconic, bright colored costume for years, but recently has had a bunch of redesigns, including the one above, which looks to be closest to the movie version.  So, for me, never having been much of a Thor devotee in the first place, I’m not that into it.  But, that’s purely the costume aesthetic.  I’m still pumped for the Kenneth Branagh-directed Thor, due out next year.

Original Post

Jeez, I try to be a reasonably mature adult, but these people keep making comic book movies (and someone keeps making me check any blog that promises any kind of news regarding them).

Latest bit: images of what Captain America’s costume is going to look like in the upcoming Captain America:The First Avenger. As someone who has always been skeptical of how the heck they were going to make the super cartoon-y costume look reasonable, I’m pretty jazzed about these images.

The Captains America

There are better images if you follow that link, but I wanted a side-by-side comparison with an action shot. The goofy buccaneer style boots are gone, as are the little wings above the ears. They’ve turned a silly looking spandex outfit into something reasonably realistic (if not particularly well-camouflaged).